National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs
NCAVP's Programs

Our programs can be divided into three areas:

A Public Education and Training Initiative

  • This program has the explicit aim of fostering the development of new anti-violence organizations and programs to help LGBT communities in underserved cities and regions. The initiative provides on-site training and skills development, leadership development, technical services and other needed technical assistance to any organization that is trying to establish or expand LGBT-specific anti-violence services. 
  • Part of this program involves the production of NCAVP's annual membership meeting - the Roundtable.  Additionally, for the first time ever, in May of 2005, NCAVP held its first Organizational Development and Anti-Violence Training Meeting for organizations and communities in New Orleans.  The next Training Academy will be held May 13-15, 2006 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  For more information on the Training Academy and how to get your organization involved, click here.

Our Violence Response Program

  • This program identifies and dispatches skilled anti-violence service professionals from NCAVP and its member organizations to help stabilize communities that experience especially traumatic incidents, most often anti-LGBT hate crimes.  If you think your community could use assistance from any of NCAVP's anti-violence experts, please contact us here.

NCAVP's National Incident Monitoring and Reporting System

  • This program is the research and policy arm of NCAVP.  It is through this program that both our annual Hate Violence and Domestic Violence reports are produced and distributed.  Copies of these reports are sent to legislators, policymakers, criminal justice and law enforcement personnel, media, other national organizations, NCAVP and community members.  To view or download a copy of NCAVP's reports, click here.